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Rural Community

Built kitchen in a common building for neighborhood


Children's Safe House

Fresh paint on buildings & play area

  • Plant a Tree in the Rainforest
  • Learn How to Compost
  • Volunteer at a Working Organic Farm



Girls' Safe House

Created a mentorship program/on-going

River/Dam Conservation 

Trash removal from local major river 

Help Children & Families
Pure Costa Rica Travel has created Helping Hands in order to inspire others to get involved with the underprivileged people of the local community.

Volunteer your time at the La Fortuna Orphanage, a safe house for abused and neglected children who deserve a better life (from infants to 12-year-olds). Or work with older children (ages 12-18) in an adolescent safe house. Or visit the Maleku Indigenous Tribe Reservation, where help is needed for reforestation projects and building construction.

Have extra space in your luggage?  We work with Pack for a Purpose to bring down much needed goods for those in need! Contact Us (below) and we can provide a list of what's needed!



Children's Safe House

Put in a vegetable garden for the kids



Girl's Safe House

Christmas party & gifts for all the girls

Help Street Dogs & Wildlife
Street dogs need lots of love and care! At the Costa Rica Dog Rescue in La Fortuna/Arenal Volcano, there are currently 40 dogs who would love a walk and some playtime. Other shelter needs include cleaning and helping with maintenance.

Proyecto Asis, also located in Arenal Volcano, is a wildlife rescue center that offers many volunteer opportunities. Help receive newly arrived animals, introduce them to new living quarters, assist in their daily care, and even be a part of liberating them back to the forest!

Here are some volunteer opportunities that our clients have helped with in the past few years:


  • Street Dog Rescue Center
  • Wildlife Animal Rescue Center​
  • Children's Safe House (infant - 12)
  • Adolescent Safe House (ages 12-18)
  • Maleku Indigenous Tribe Reservation

Wildlife Rescue

Donated items needed to animal rescues

Going the Extra Mile
"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit." ~ Nelson Henderson

Pure Costa Rica Travel offers a journey of a whole other kind. As our company is committed to helping out the local community, perhaps you (and any children traveling with you) might want to share in the spirit of volunteering. While we have a kind of "assist list" below, note that just like your custom designed trip, we would be thrilled to tailor a volunteer program that would be the perfect fit just for you. Volun-Tour-Ism: we gain as we give. It’s a win-win all around.

Street Dog Rescue

Built new enclosures for the many street dogs

Help the Environment
Learn what respecting the planet truly means. See sustainability practices in action.

At Pure Costa Rica Travel's Sustainable Earth Hut, you can plant a tree that will eventually grow strong enough to be transplanted in the reforestation project. Or you can learn the intricacies of composting, explained in five simple, yet comprehensible steps. Or you can volunteer at a working Costa Rican organic farm.