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Geckoes Barefoot Luxury
Time to Relax, Leave your watch behind, Call Time your own… It’s Time for Geckoes.

Geckoes Lodge has two luxurious holiday houses with private plunge pools in a magnificent rainforest and river setting minutes from some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Come and experience Barefoot Luxury on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica where the rainforest meets the ocean.

Geckoes is the culmination of a two year project to create private and luxurious holiday accommodation whilst maintaining the beauty and minimising the impact on the surrounding rainforest and its inhabitants. With a commitment to Sustainable development, eco-friendly practices and environmental consciousness our operating practices and the houses have been designed to fit the landscape rather than vice versa.

Geckoes will help to make your holiday unforgettable.

Samasati Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary
Rainforest Paradise in the Caribbean

Stay at this resort perched 1400 feet above sea level in a lush tropical ecological reserve will immerse you into one the most bio-diverse ecosystems on Earth.

Let the soothing sounds of the rainforest lull you to sleep and wake up to the calls of howler monkeys; lounge in a hammock on your terrace with views of lush vegetation and the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy their fresh, locally sourced food, sip a drink in the lounge or relax in the outdoor Jacuzzi. Attend daily yoga classes in the resort or arrange ecological or adventure excursions in the vicinity.

A short drive from the bottom of the mountain lies Puerto Viejo, a culturally rich Caribbean town with laid back vibes, stunning beaches, delightful local cuisine and an unspoiled environment.

This sanctuary is set in a 250 acre Costa Rican Rainforest, yet provides you with the comfort and convenience of a modern resort. It comprises a restaurant, a lounge, a spa, three types of accommodations as well as a Gazebo and Jacuzzi. Each of these elements is integrated harmoniously into the Rainforest and is designed to reinforce your connection to nature.

There are no air conditioners here, but the Rainforest regulates the temperature naturally; the screened ventilation in your accommodation lets you breath clean, natural air; there are no TVs on the property but Wi-Fi is available at the restaurant and lounge areas.

Banana Azul
Do you enjoy lush jungles, wildlife, local food and unspoiled beaches? Beachfront Hotel Banana Azul in Puerto Viejo might be just what you’re looking for.

Each of these 14 beautiful guest rooms of the main hotel, built from local hardwoods, are unique. Across the street are the new Villas Banana Verde, four two-story luxury accommodations with full kitchen and private plunge pool. Next door is Casa Las Brisas, our sister property, four rooms boasting ocean views and rustic hardwood design. Throughout the properties there are a variety of outdoor living spaces, open air kitchens and tropical outdoor baths. All are equipped with wireless internet and are in close proximity to the pool, beach and restaurant.

The hotel grounds are equally impressive, surrounded by tropical gardens, a beautiful pool and an ocean view. Some guests enjoy cooking and dining in their private outdoor space while others prefer sitting in the shade under a rancho on the beach, by the pool or at the Azul Beach Club, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It's a perfect vacation spot for adventurous travelers looking for a comfortable, tranquil place to stay while visiting the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

Almonds and Corals
Almonds and Corals, nestled amongst the exuberant jungle of Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica, offers three in one unique destinations, because it is part an exclusive Caribbean beach resort, part a safari camp and part an eco-conscious boutique hotel. The owners are devoted to offer one-of-a-kind accommodations awaiting your arrival and a unique sensory experience that promotes harmony between inner and outer self. The hotel is located at the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge and 11km from Puerto Viejo, about 7km from Cocles and only a couple of km from Punta Uva and Manzanillo, the property is surrounded by stunning rainforest, right in front of the gold-sanded of Playa Grande Limon, green-blue Caribbean ocean awaits for you. The hotel main goal is to provide first class accommodations while being immersed in the rainforest. The room walls are actual mosquito nets, which provides a unique experience of sleeping surrounded by nature’s sounds, vibrations and colors. Having no walls in the rooms makes a different type of accommodation, as you might image. You have available curtains to shut visibility in and out, allowing you to customize your privacy preferences.  If you love nature and would enjoy a new and uniquely comfortable experience, this hotel will keep a forever place in your memory.

Congo Bongo Jungle House
Congo Bongo is a family-run hotel featuring seven vacation rental houses in Puerto Viejo - Manzanillo in the southernmost part of the South Caribbean of Costa Rica and is located about 12 kilometers south of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in the province called Limón. It is located in the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge and the property itself is about 6 hectares (15 acres). It is nestled in a private nature park and tropical garden with plenty of wildlife. Congo Bongo is also very popular for family reunions as every house offers ample space for socializing.  Each of the Eco lodges offer ample space according to your needs - from two persons up to a maximum of seven people.

All Congo Bongo houses come with a fully equipped kitchen and complimentary laundry service, security cameras, free bottled spring water, one bottle of red wine as their welcome and free Wi-Fi.  All the beds are covered with mosquito nets and the houses are well screened. Fresh linen and towels will be provided and soaps are included.

For your general safety we have installed a security cameras monitoring the houses and the property 24/7. All houses can be locked up and have a safety box where you should put your valuables when you leave your house unattended.