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It was a Costa Rican vacation that changed Cynthia's life forever. 20 years ago, she visited the country, hoping to see an authentic rainforest. (As if they're hard to find!) 6 months later she packed up bag and baggage and moved from San Francisco, CA to Costa Rica. Given the country's innate beauty, charm and culture, she embraced her second home with open arms. But Cynthia soon realized that it wasn't enough to keep her love of Costa Rica all to herself. Determined to share the power of this magical paradise with others, she created Pure Costa Rica Travel.

To Travel is to Live

Dreaming of relaxing on a tropical rainforest beach with rare Scarlet Macaws flying overhead. Or rappelling down wild waterfalls in an untamed canyon. Or catching a wave in impossibly warm, blue-green ocean waters. Sure, we can dream. But how to transform these dreams turn into reality?
Pure Costa Rica Travel has the answer.

With bilingual experts who have been operating in Costa Rica for 20 years, our company knows the country inside and out. The hidden locales, the great restaurants, the local nightspots, the specific beaches ... we know. And because we know, we are confident in our recommendations.

We have personally visited all the hotels, tours and transportation that are represented on our website. That said, given the ever-changing tourism landscape, we are relentless in gathering, checking and double-checking all information. So if a new restaurant is worth checking out, if a new activity is buzzworthy, if we suddenly hear of exclusive deals, we'll pass our insider access on to you.

What gives PCRT the winning edge?
- We maintain a 24/7 concierge contact number
- We guarantee the utmost in quality and attention

However, her devotion to Costa Rica isn't solely based on its magnificent natural environment and rare animal kingdom. It's the people themselves. Consequently, Cynthia has committed herself to the community that has given her so much, involving her foundation in multiple causes that aid in the betterment of the country and its people. Cynthia and Pure Costa Rica Travel have done volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity, safe houses for children and adolescents, ocean conservancy, and numerous river and dam clean-up days.

Costa Rica's ubiquitous national expression is Pura Vida (the exact translation is "pure life"). But it signifies so much more. It is, first and foremost, an acknowledgment of gratitude. Of the joy that comes with living every day with an open, loving heart. And Cynthia is one of those people who wholeheartedly believe, and live, the message of Pura Vida. 





Pure Costa Rica Travel is centered in La Fortuna/Arenal Volcano. Due to the area's lush tropical vegetation, it seems fitting that our HQ is up a tree! A treehouse, that is. When you visit, meander on the pathways that surround the peaceful property. Discover our abundant gardens replete with exotic plants, exquisite flowers, honey bees, the occasional rescued kitten and native birds of unimaginable colors. If home is where the heart is ... this is most definitely ours. 

In Costa Rica, especially outside of the large cities, addresses are a “description” vs. an actual postal address. If you zoom into the map we are on the main road (142) going from Fortuna towards Tabacon. After Volcano Lodge you take a right and just follow the signs! If you have a GPS you can input these coordinates: 10.49972,-84.686917 and it will bring you right to us!